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Earthquake Solutions provides state-of-the-art software solutions for structural and earthquake engineering.



Announcing the new revolutionary QuakeManager software

Download the latest version of Bispec 2.20






NEW! Take a look at PocketStatics 2.18


QuakeManager is a state-of-the-art earthquake ground motion software with an unprecedented set of features and capabilities.

Here are some of QuakeManager's features:
  • Ground Motion Database Record Manager and Viewer (think iTunes or Picasa for ground motions)
  • Optimized Ground Motion Selection algorithms that can match mean and variation of a suite of ground motions
  • Ground Motion Modification & Generation (under development)
  • and much more!

Bispec is a nonlinear spectral analysis software program that performs unidirectional and bidirectional dynamic time-history analysis of a simple dynamic system under earthquake ground motion records.
Here are some of Bispec's features:
  • Perform Single Degree of Freedom Time History Analysis
  • Generate Linear or Nonlinear Earthquake Spectra
  • Generate 5 types of nonlinear spectra (Constant strength, constant normalized strength, constant R, constant ductility, constant damage index)
  • 10 different linear and nonlinear hysteretic models, for investigating various types of structural behavior.
  • Linear viscous damping, and nonlinear viscous damping, ideal for analyzing structures with supplemental damping.
  • Fast analysis of base-isolated structures and structures with supplemental-damping.
  • Generate "Bidirectional Spectra", and maximum rotated response spectra.
  • Compute spectra for suites of ground motion records for convenience or for performing parametric studies.
  • Extremely fast with many productivity features, which helps the user save hours of work.
  • Amazingly Fast with Parallel processing!


PocketStatics is a structural analysis program for the Windows Mobile and Windows operating systems. PocketStatics can be used to solve most statics problems including statically determinate and indeterminate trusses and frames with any number of elements and degrees of freedom.

PocketStatics is very interactive, and simulates to a great degree working with an engineering pad and a pencil. Toolbars are very intuitive, and the structure can be simply sketched on the screen using the stylus. The program automatically computes and displays results whenever any changes are made to the structure. The user can select to view deflected shape, reactions, moment diagram, shear diagram, or axial force.

PocketStatics is currently available for purchase from the ordering page.

Also take a look at the Snapshots and Animations pages.