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Earthquake Solutions provides state-of-the-art software solutions for structural and earthquake engineering.



Announcing the new revolutionary QuakeManager software

Download the latest version of Bispec 2.20






QuakeManager is a state-of-the-art earthquake ground motion software with an unprecedented set of features and capabilities.

Here are some of QuakeManager's features:
  • Ground Motion Database Record Manager and Viewer (think iTunes or Picasa for ground motions)
  • Optimized Ground Motion Selection algorithms that can match mean and variation of a suite of ground motions
  • Ground Motion Modification & Generation (under development)
  • and much more!

Bispec is a nonlinear spectral analysis software program that performs unidirectional and bidirectional dynamic time-history analysis of a simple dynamic system under earthquake ground motion records.
Here are some of Bispec's features:
  • Perform Single Degree of Freedom Time History Analysis
  • Generate Linear or Nonlinear Earthquake Spectra
  • Generate 5 types of nonlinear spectra (Constant strength, constant normalized strength, constant R, constant ductility, constant damage index)
  • 10 different linear and nonlinear hysteretic models, for investigating various types of structural behavior.
  • Linear viscous damping, and nonlinear viscous damping, ideal for analyzing structures with supplemental damping.
  • Fast analysis of base-isolated structures and structures with supplemental-damping.
  • Generate "Bidirectional Spectra", and maximum rotated response spectra.
  • Compute spectra for suites of ground motion records for convenience or for performing parametric studies.
  • Extremely fast with many productivity features, which helps the user save hours of work.
  • Amazingly Fast with Parallel processing!