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Structural Design thumbnail Image

Structural Design

Design of new structures to modern code standards, including IBC, ASCE-7, ACI, AISC, etc.

Design Review thumbnail Image

Design Review

Ensure compliance with design codes and achieve a cost-effective and efficient design.

Value Engineering & Optimization thumbnail Image

Value Engineering & Optimization

Reduce construction cost and improve performance.

Drafting thumbnail Image


Fast and Efficient Drafting Service.

BIM and 3D Modeling thumbnail Image

BIM and 3D Modeling

3D and BIM Modeling using software such as Revit, Rhino, SolidWorks and others.

Shop Drawings thumbnail Image

Shop Drawings

High Quality Shop Drawing Development.

Seismic design thumbnail Image

Seismic design

Design seismically safe structures compliant with latest codes.

Evaluation and Retrofit thumbnail Image

Evaluation and Retrofit

Existing building evaluation and retrofit per ASCE 41-17.

Tall building Peer Review thumbnail Image

Tall building Peer Review

Peer Review of Performance-Based Design of Tall Buildings including review of ground motion development, foundations, structural system and nonlinear response history analysis.

PML & Portfolio Loss studies thumbnail Image

PML & Portfolio Loss studies

Perform seismic loss studies for individual structures or complete portfolios.

Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis thumbnail Image

Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis

Site-Specific studies and probabilistic seismic hazard analysis.

Ground Motion Selection & Modification thumbnail Image

Ground Motion Selection & Modification

Specialized in ground motion selection and spectral matching for Nonlinear Response-History Analysis.

Finite Element Analysis thumbnail Image

Finite Element Analysis

Advanced Finite Element Analysis of structures and components using Abaqus, ANSYS, etc.

Nonlinear Response History Analysis thumbnail Image

Nonlinear Response History Analysis

Experts in simulating the seismic behavior using Nonlinear Response History Analysis in Perform-3D, SAP2000, OpenSees, …

Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis thumbnail Image

Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis

Model the interaction between the soil and structure and study their influence on system response.

Pipeline Analysis thumbnail Image

Pipeline Analysis

Model pipelines and analyze their response to landslide, fault-rupture and liquefaction induced deformations.

Wind CFD Analysis thumbnail Image

Wind CFD Analysis

Computational fluid dynamic analysis for special wind assessment of structures and components.

Forensic/Failure Analysis thumbnail Image

Forensic/Failure Analysis

Failure analysis of structures.

Seismic Instrumentation & Monitoring thumbnail Image

Seismic Instrumentation & Monitoring

Instrumentation and online health monitoring of critical structures.

Floor Vibration thumbnail Image

Floor Vibration

Study the vibration of floors due to human-induced dynamic loads.

Research & Development thumbnail Image

Research & Development

Using research and analysis to develop new and improved engineering methodologies and software.

Training thumbnail Image


Training in structural and earthquake engineering and advanced analysis.

Software Development thumbnail Image

Software Development

We can develop customized software and tools to streamline your business.

Graphic Design thumbnail Image

Graphic Design

We offer clean designs with your company’s image in mind. Whether you are interested in creative logos, marketing brochures or UI/UX services, we've got you covered!

GIS Development thumbnail Image

GIS Development

Developing apps and tools for gathering, managing and analyzing spatial data.

Data Analytics & AI thumbnail Image

Data Analytics & AI

Analyze large datasets and produce data visualization tools to enable better decision-making.